Cleaning Checklist 



Move In/Out  Cleaning Package Checklist 


(*Please note that Move-in and Out cleaning is eligible for customers who are cleaning an empty home or residence) Click here to book a cleaning 


Sanitize and wipe down countertops and cabinet exteriors

Clean interior of cabinets

Microwave cleaning interior and exterior if applicable.

Refrigerator exterior, Refrigerator interior

Sink interior

Stove top cleaning

Oven exterior and interior

Wipe down windowsill (if applicable)

Clean reachable kitchen windows

Sweep and mop floors

Wiping down walls and wall spot cleaning

Clean outside of Dishwasher.(inside cleaning for additional fee)

Family/Living/Dining Room/Office

Sweep/Vacuum floors and/or carpet

Mop hardwood floors

Dust window blinds

Clean window sills

Dust reachable light fixtures

Wipe and sanitize all light switch panels

Empty trash bins

Clean baseboards of rooms

Wiping down walls

Cleaning Fans



Sweep or vacuum floor/carpet

Dust window blinds

Clean all reachable windows and window sills

Dust light fixtures

Carpet cleaning (additional add on)

Clean AC vents in reachable areas.

Wiping down walls and wall spot cleaning

Clean Ceiling fans.


Clean interior and exterior of shower and/or bath tub

Sweep and mop floor

Clean interior and exterior of toilet and surrounding areas

Clean bathroom mirror

Wipe down cabinets

Clean interior of bathroom cabinets

Wipe down light switch

Clean interior and exterior of sinks

Sanitize and wipe down countertops 

Empty Trash Bins